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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Who's You're Browser?

You may have already heard about the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 web browser. Ah, but have you tried it? I find it much superior to Internet Explorer or Opera, the other two browsers I've used.

My favorite feature is tabbed browsing. You can open new pages in either a new window or a new tab in your current window. Another great option allows you to block pop-up windows. It really works too! An Allowed Sites button gives you the ability to enable pop-ups for sites you want. For example I sometimes view the news slide shows on They load in a pop-up window. I can add to the Allowed Sites list to enable these valid windows. Firefox will also unobtrusively warn you if it has blocked a pop-up (it displays a thin notification banner at the top). You can then opt to allow the window or continue browsing without doing anything.

Here's a quick run over of the pros and cons:


Tabbed Browsing
Integrated Pop-Up Blocking
No Exploited Security Holes (to date)
Interesting and useful extensions (more on that another time)


Some websites don't like it (I use Internet Explorer for those)
I've had problems opening links to .pdf files (I know other users that haven't)

You can download Firefox at:

Or you can click the Firefox Rediscover The Web button on this page. Enjoy.


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