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Monday, January 10, 2005

"Extremely Critical" Internet Explorer Bug

Someone (Secunia) has once again advised the Internet world of another Internet Explorer vulnerability. And they've labeled it "Extremely Critical". It seems that you can be exploited through this flaw by just visiting a website created (or modified) for the purpose.

Once again. There are other browsing options besides Internet Explorer. From my logs it appears that 39% of my traffic still uses IE. Some even employ the very aged 5 or 5.5 version. There are a lot that now use Firefox. I once again recommend it. You can always keep IE handy to fall back on if you run into an incompatibility. I only have one page which I have trouble using in Firefox 1.0 or Mozilla 1.7.5.

For everyone who sticks with IE, perhaps you'd like to check out the Secunia advisory and accompanying vulnerability test. Look at the "Alternative Workarounds" section of the advisory and watch out for a patch whenever Microsoft gets around to releasing it!


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