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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Opera 8 Beta and GMail...not compatible

I downloaded the beta version of Opera 8 not long ago just to try even though I'm a Firefox user. I tried Opera back when I still had dial-up and found that it was a little faster than IE then. Now it just doesn't matter and I like the Firefox UI and features better. Besides with the free version of Opera you have ads at the top. The good thing is that you can now choose Google text ads instead of flashing graphics etc.

In any case... I tried logging into GMail today while in Opera and found out it doesn't work. Take a look at the screenshots below. You might need to give them a click to make it more readable. I think my Opera build is 7401. I pretty sure the Opera folk are at work on the problem so that's good for any Opera folks out there. I've had only one hit on my site with Opera so far. It isn't a bad browser it just somehow isn't as popular.

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