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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Review of Linksys WRT54GX at ET

I said I'd be watching out for a review of Linksys' WRT54GX router. And here one is. I use the WRT54G and was also interested when I read about the new release from Linksys.

The company promised increased speed from this router which incorporates MIMO (Multiple In - Multiple Out) based technology which Linksys calls SRX (speed-range extender).

The folks at ExtremeTech report:

"What we found was very encouraging: 30+Mbits/sec throughput at a distance of 25 feet through two walls. But we were also able to get 30+Mbits/sec of throughput and very smooth playback of streamed video the same time."

Read more here:
The review at ExtremeTech


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